Metal Shaping Workshops

Workshop Information

Kustom Garage offers one on one or group training for the beginner to the advanced.
Particapants are encouraged to bring along a project they may be working on or need help with, if you don’t have one don’t worry we will create one together.
If you have a specific topic, the time spent can be tailored to suit your needs or we can go over all of which is listed below

1. Paper pattern and Reading the pattern, cutting out of materials

2. Discussion and examples of the three basic shapes i.e.; High Crown, Low Crown and Revers Curve
3. Breaking the panels up into a manageable size for shaping

4. Hand shaping, Blocking into sandbag, Hammer and dolly, turning of flanges and wire edging

5. Stretching and Shrinking

6. The Proper use shaping equipment like the Wheeling Machine, Power Hammer, Bead roller, Pullmax machine, Air Planishing hammer, Hand shrinker and stretcher

7. Welding techniques and Process i.e.; Oxy Acetylene, T.I.G, M.I.G

8. Placement of weld seems, Addressing distortion from welding

9. Use and selection of filler material

10. Panel Repair And lead whipping

After 14 years of hard work Jamie Downie has gained a vast knowledge base using various equipment and welding techniques.
Jamie would like to pass on the knowledge and shaping techniques that he has gained over the years, if you are interested in finding out more about these classes, you can contact by phone or message using the form in the contact section of the site...